Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bijou Phillips: My Outrage Continues

Jimmy Moore, a low-carb lifestyel examiner [[really?]] for the Examiner, has hit the last nail into the coffin -- humanity is dead to me. My highlight reel:
Did you see this Los Angeles Times interview with Bijou Phillips on Sunday about her current diet? Despite being on a vegan diet for the past six months, she decided to have an eggs Benedict (ham or bacon, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce) for breakfast to effectively end her vegan streak. Obviously she was STARVING on that nutritionally-deficient vegan diet she was on... Way to go, Bijou. You tell ‘em like it is and eat healthy the low-carb way. THANK YOU for sharing your forthright answers in those questions about your vegan experience. From vegan couples starving their babies to the general wacky behavior many vegans engage in, we need a voice of sanity like yours every once in a while to remind us that up is up and down is down. Keep up the great work on your healthy low-carb lifestyle! [[article]]

Phillips has started a full-fledged war. To me at least. I don't know how all these news publications can continue to print complete lies about veganism. And I'm sick of those damn wackos with the baby-- they were just stupid!! It wasn't even the vegan diet that killed the baby. They gave the baby just soy milk. If the baby was on a proper vegan diet, as many are I imagine, I'm sure the baby would have survived. And really, if that's all these reporters have on veganism, then they're making some weighty claims for the lifestyle as a whole. I'd like to see a full report of exactly what Bijou Phillips consumed on her vegan diet. Was it the diet that hurt her, or her own ignorance?

And as for Jimmy Moore, he's just another retard polluting the media with ill-informed news. What general wacky behavior do vegans exactly engage in? Because last time I checked, I'm pretty normal-- minus the general disregard for the planet, the cruelty towards animals, and the high cholesterol. And last time I check, there isn't a single nutrient from meat and dairy that you can't get elsewhere [[webMD]]. And last time I checked, Carl Lewis did just fine for himself as an athlete and a vegan [[video]]

This is just really getting old. But sadly, I'm still outraged.



Jimmy Moore said...

THANKS for sharing your honest opinions about my Examiner piece. An open dialog about what we believe is what makes humanity truly possible.

Andrew Warner said...


An open and honest dialogue is great, but can't happen when one side is spreading what can only be seen as rumors and lies.

You jump on Bijou Phillip's anecdotal evidence -- even when she demonstrates she has very limited knowledge of health (a smoker who yo-yo diets) -- but ignore WebMD's statements about veganism being perfectly healthy and when done correctly better than a standard diet (prevents many common diseases).

What I don't understand is why you want to tear veganism down just because you love the Atkins diet.

And how do you expect vegans to listen to your points about veganism if you show an inherent lack of understanding (or a purposeful fudging of the facts) when talking about the alleged perils of veganism... You had to bring up the "vegan parents" who killed their baby with a "vegan" diet of apple juice and soy milk (hard to be vegan without vegetables)?

By the way, I have a bunch of friends on the Atkin's diet and they are all super tired and sick all the time. Maybe there's not enough vitamin C in steak?

(maybe my off the cuff, pretty much untrue, anecdotal statement will prompt a vegan examiner somewhere to declare the Atkin's diet foolish and veganism the greatest)