Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Last Supper

A few nights ago, Andrew was reminiscing on his last supper-- his last non-vegan meal. It hadn't occurred to me until now, but my last supper sucked.

It was one of those nights in Columbus, when I was visiting and still lived in Berkeley. We were out at some crappy bar with his brother and, now, ex-girlfriend. I had a huge plate of crappy beef and cheese nachos while I sucked down beer after beer. It was tasty enough for drunchies [[Andy's phrase: drunk + munchies]]. And amidst the beer and beef, Andy challenged me, saying I wasn't strong enough to be a vegan-- that I couldn't handle it. And well, as any self respecting girl would do, I rose to the challenge. And in a drunken fit, I challenged him to a bet. If I could be vegan for a month, he'd have to publicly admit that being vegan is easy; and if I lost, I'd have to publicly admit that I'm weak and that being vegan is really, really hard. On my way home, I got a terrible case of helicopter head. We got home, and I quickly ran upstairs to strip down and sleep--- only the helicopter head got the best of me. I sat up and as I ran to the bathroom, I started to puke [[and I NEVER puke]]. I held the rest in, running to the bathroom, but Andy was peeing. I couldn't wait. I spewed all over the door. Needless to say, his parents' [[did I mention it was his parents' place, and I was trying to make a good first impression that week]] place smelt like beef, cheese, and vomit for weeks. The next day, my drunken-vegan bet held, and I haven't eaten meat or dairy since.

I'm still waiting on Andy to hold up his end of the bet-- because really, it's super easy. If you give yourself one month to figure it out [[and really all you need is one month]], you can get it. I'm not the only one who's tried it [[see article]].

Seasoning and experimentation replaces the flavor of fat. Ingenuity and some more experimentation will replace your mama's cookie recipe soon enough. You figure it out. So, I don't really care that the last meat or dairy to pass these lips was vomited bar nachos. Everything since has been all the more delicious.


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