Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Vegetarian vs. Organic

Reading the NY Times never ceases to make me worry about people. I know I haven't written in a while, the holidays have slowed me down, but this quote [[from For Three Years, Ever Bite Organic]] really hit home to me:

“It’s surprising to me how few people know that organic means without pesticides, antibiotics or hormones,” he said. “In stores or restaurants around the country, I would ask, ‘Do you have anything organic?’ Half the time they would say, ‘Do you mean vegetarian?’ ”

I have a feeling why, but people like to assume that organic and vegan/vegetarianism are synonymous with each other. I understand, yet again, they are largely surrounded by a progressive movement, but you should know the definition of these terms by now.

I may sound like I'm overreacting a bit, and maybe I am, but when people ask you before Thanksgiving if you eat Turkey, even though they know you're vegan and you've clearly defined what that means-- it's a little sad. Do people just not listen? Or is anything different too foreign to understand?

People need to start educating themselves.



jafabrit said...

I think they just don't listen/ or process the information. I can't even count how many times when in a restaurant my daughter has had to explain being vegetarian means NO meat at all. sigh! I really don't think it is that complicated and no I don't think you are over reacting.

Unknown said...

Well, glad to know it doesn't only happen to me :]