Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Accidental Vegetarian

This article rings true to my heart. When I first went vegan it was an evil ploy [[made while drunk]] to prove to my now-husband that being vegan was easy. He liked to think he was some super-human that could defy the temptation of eating meat and dairy. The bet was, I'll go vegan for a month. If I failed, I had to admit he was awesome. If I succeeded, he'd have to admit being vegan is easy. I guess I can thank my stubbornness for my good health.

A month went by, I loved it -- yada, yada, yada -- I've now been vegan one year. Check out this SF Chronicle article. Maybe it will inspire you.

ALSO, I'd like to make a little asterisk claim: In spite of what she says, it is not that hard to eat out. Someone should have given this girl happy cow. She lives in SF for chrissake.

AND, I don't get hungry that often. It's actually healthier to carry snacks and graze throughout the day. But if you follow the Reg, you know that already. :)

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Ashley said...

Ew, I just read it and the comments.

"I was born an omnivore, it is in my nature to be an omnivore, just as it is the nature of a fish to swim, woe and doom to the chicken that crosses my path."

I would love to see some little baby newborn killing some chicken for a snack. Fing moron.