Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Michael Vick's Dogs

A recent issue of Sports Illustrated features a story asking the question: What happens to Vick's dogs now? [[If you don't know the story of NFL player Michael Vick and his illegal dogfights, check it out here... but you really should know it]].

The article by Jim Gorant puts PETA and the Humane Society on front street:
Peta wanted Jasmine [[one of the abused dogs]] dead. Not just Jasmine, and not just PETA. The Humane Society of the U.S., agreeing with PETA, took the position that Michael Vick's pit bulls, like all dogs saved from fight rings, were beyond rehabilitation and that trying to save them was a misappropriation of time and money... If you're a dog and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals suggests you be put down, you've got problems. Jasmine has problems. [[Sports Illustrated, Dec. 2008, pg. 72]]

What strikes me as odd [[and has always been an issue, really]] is the ease and eagerness PETA takes to simply euthanize pets, especially with how this story seems to end. The article continues to discuss all the families that have adopted and have committed to rehabilitating these abused animals. PETA likes to overlook a Catch and Release Plan, which takes strays, neuters/spays them, and releases them to control populations of stray pets. And in this instance, if there are families willing to love and help these dogs in spite of the risk, PETA needs to stfu.


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Andrew Warner said...

Yeah... they should stfu and then hop over for a pie at CPK.