Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best Vegan Cookbook Award by PETA

Linda Long won the Best Cookbook Award for Great Chefs Cook Vegan, thanks to PETA. I don't really understand how they determine these awards [[more info here]], but this award seems well deserved. The book is beautifully done-- great photos, accessible recipes, a little Cat Cora for you Food Network lovers. And although I opted not to purchase this book, mostly because I would never cook something that fancy, I think it'd still be a neat addition to anybody's cookbook collection. I'm sensing a theme in this year's awards though-- non-vegans who do vegan things. First Oprah, who went vegan for a week and brought much awareness to it, and now this collection of non-vegan cooks [[although I think a few are vegan, such as the San Francisco chef from Millennium]] who go vegan as well.

Also, Skinny Bitch in the Kitchen ties for best cookbook, but I find it to be far less interesting-- mostly because it markets itself as a fad diet. And that's lame.

For more awards, go here.


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