Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bla Bla Bla- You're an idiot!

Cary Aspinwall, another idiot journalist-type, has briefly logged her experience going vegan for a week. And while I hardly call picking chicken out of a lean cuisine "vegan kosher", I appreciate her attempt.

HOWEVER, I'm so damn sick of all these people saying a vegan diet is boring. Her half-hearted plug for two vegan books [[one of which she bashed in the article for being too time-intensive]] does not off-set the fact that all she did was bitch about how much vegan food sucked.

Maybe you're just a shitty cook?

Or maybe instead of trying to sub your beef and cheese with Soyrizo and fake cheese -- you could try eating some more fruits and vegetables and embracing meat alternatives like tempeh, tofu, and seitan.

Or maybe she's an idiot and needs to stop talking. I'm glad eating vegetables upped her energy levels. To be fair, she didn't have to go vegan to start eating like a human.


Morgan said...

Eeew - you know there will be plenty of people who agree with her. They'll reassure themselves that they could never go vegan because it's "too boring" and go back to their meat-eating ways.

I actually overheard two girls talking at lunch today about veggie burgers vs. meat ones. One said to the other, "No, it would be worse for the person who wanted a regular burger to get a veggie burger. I know morally it's worse for the vegetarian, but they wouldn't care - it tastes better!!"....They were completely serious.

Ashley said...

I read this earlier and it made me so sad. Bad food is bad food, vegan or not. Bad cooking is bad, vegan or not. It's not because it's vegan--it's because you're an idiot!