Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Best Vegan Sunscreen

When we were in Florida, Andrew in all his wisdom, wore SPF 50. For most of the trip it was SPF 35, but towards the end, he upped it to 50. And I was proud of him and his insistence on protecting his skin from harmful, cancerous UV rays while I stupidly laid around in my SPF 8. My hypocritical tendencies aren't the point though.

When Andrew switched brands and SPF levels, he broke out into hives. All over his back and chest -- it was awful. It's no wonder though, it smelt like a cheap prostitute and felt like glue. Not to mention, we bought it at a gas station convenient store.

It all ended well. His hives are gone now, and he left Florida with no sunburns.

Next time, I vow to order some good vegan sunscreen beforehand. I found this great article with overviews of various brands-- some gluten free, most vegan, some with nut allergy info and some for sensitive skin [[like poor Andrew]]. Check it out.


Andrew Warner said...

that was just a funny post.

Morgan said...

I was looking for vegan sunscreen! I didn't have the means to buy some from whole foods...I'm ashamed to say I bought some Coppertone SPF 8 from CVS...

At least your not the only one who uses SPF 8??

Unknown said...

haha Glad I'm not alone in my love of pointlessly low SPF sunscreens. :)