Monday, November 3, 2008


I've never heard of this movie-- mostly because it came out when I was 15, and I didn't care too much about controversial things outside my little social circle, as most girls that age don't. I did try to become vegan then, and my parents quickly convinced me that the videos I was watching on PETA's website were the exception and not how all farmers treat their animals. I lived in California at the time, and if you've ever driven up and down the coast, you have seen herds of cows grazing happily. My parents assured me we only ate happy beef in California, and sadly, I believed them.

Years later, I meet Andrew, I watch the videos again, and I start to realize that it's not about whether or not it only happens in one place or all places. It's not simply about suffering, either. It's a whole cluster of issues encompassing your health, the environment, and the rights of animals.

I found an article in Middle Tennessee State's newspaper about a viewing of Earthlings by a student organization aimed to turn vegetarians into vegans. I really liked that idea. Andy could go on for days about how much he hates vegetarians, probably more than meat eaters, and I have to say I agree. You're not really helping animals, the environment, or your health if you continue to support farms that breed cows and chickens for milk and eggs. They're just as mistreated. They're just as bad for the environment. And I'd even venture to say that cheese and milk are really bad for you [[but that's just me]]. It's not hard-- ask the girl with no will-power [[that's me]]. If I can be vegan, anyone can. Don't whine about how much you'll miss your cheesy quesadillas or your Alfredo sauce [[I once ate two fried eggs every morning]]. If there's anything I've learned, for every non-vegan item, there is a delicious alternative [[maybe not for fried eggs, but I make a mean tofu scramble sandwich, which is close enough for me]].


I'm watching Earthlings sometime soon. More info on that to come.

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Andrew Warner said...

ahh Earthlings... sure did inspire me to loathe my fellow man...