Monday, June 29, 2009

Columbus Vegan Meet Up

This Saturday, Andrew and I finally went to our first Columbus vegan meet up. We always mentioned it but somehow never made it over to one. One of the organizers, Doug, sent me a message on my restaurant guide list, so I thought -- what the heck? I had been emailing Morgan [[of Morgan Avocado]] and decided to invite her -- the more vegans I kind of know there, the less awkward I'd be. I'm more of a "behind a computer" kind of gal. I'm not ashamed to say it. :)

Anyway, Saturday rolls around, and the meet up was awesome and not awkward at all. A great mix of age groups and people; of vegan newbies and veterans to talk to-- it's nice to be able to impart advice to people and get some advice. I've been on a quest to make amazing Aloo Chana and all my attempts have been mediocre. It was sweet to be able to talk to people who liked the same food as me and were able to share some wisdom.

The tofu wrap from Benevolence -- picture taken by group organizer, Debra.
Check out more photos of this event!

Beyond that, I FINALLY got to try Benevolence Cafe. I'm pretty sure the owner is the coolest chick on the planet, and her baked tofu wrap is out of this world. I could eat 8 of them. Simultaneously. Every day. Until the day I died. It's got crispy romaine, a creamy tahini sauce, and a baked tofu that I suspect is battered with some nutritional yeast based batter all in a whole wheat tortilla. I can't wait until they are done with renovations.

Next month there's a pot luck. If you live in Columbus, you should come!

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doug, cols vegan meetup group said...

thanks so much for the nice words, tracy! we appreciated you and andrew checking us out. we hope to spread the word that vegans and the vegan-curious in and around columbus have a true support system! hope to see you (and anyone else reading this) next month..... peace, doug