Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Raw Sugar Versus Refined Sugar

Most of us should know that refined sugar is bad. It elevates blood sugar levels and then crashes them, making you cranky and unable to think straight [[More here]]. Recently, an LA Laker's player, Lamar Odom, is speculated by doctors to have a sugar addiction, which is hurting his health and in turn, his team [[Article]]. If you eat sugar every day, you should really consider switching to raw sugar or agave nectar or stevia. Natural sugars are higher in nutrients such as Phosphorus, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, and Potassium. While, much like white flour, refined sugar is raw carbohydrates.

When Andrew does his sleep deprivation stunt, I'll have to put him on a diabetic diet just to avoid any blood sugar spike that could hinder his staying awake. We don't want him artificially awake-- by drug or even food. If his body wants to crash, it will need to be able to do so without stimulants inhibiting it. Otherwise, we could cause some major internal problems.

For now, we're just avoiding the bad refined sugar and sticking to whole wheat, whole grains. A touch of raw sugar in our clif bars, plus the VERY rare dessert with a touch of raw sugar in it [[try my 100% whole wheat strawberry shortcake]].

It's strange for me to know, as well, that all these years of dieting and working out in high school, I never received quite the same results as I get now. Eating no carbs and working out on the ellipitical, I lost weight but felt like crap. Even when I first went vegan, I started to feel unhealthy. I gained weight. I was tired. And I think it was just because instead of eating meat and dairy [[which are also bad]], I just ate more of the really bad stuff [[like refined flours and sugars]]. Now that I've made this complete transition toward EVERYTHING good, I feel better than I ever have before. I don't get as moody, Andrew and I are looking leaner, and we are improving more quickly on the track. Starting this regiment was my "a-ha" moment [[like those corny commercials? ha.]] -- I'm finally doing it right.


Morgan said...

I agree!! I am in love with all of the food the earth produces. Often I stare at my plate in awe of a plant's ability to turn the sun's energy into something my body can turn into fuel. (Raw sugar included!)

Tracey said...

I agree, it's amazing how the food we eat, especially refined sugars, can have such an effect on our body and minds. I wrote a similar blog at trehops.wordpress.com.
However, I went vegan about two months ago for ethical reasons, but also for the health benefits and the possibility of losing weight. I work out daily and am eating so much healthier now...no more yo-yo dieting. However, I haven't seen any movement on the scale which surprises me because I have cut out meat, dairy, and have cut back dramatically on eating processed foods. Any suggestion for weight loss?

Unknown said...

Tracey -

Well everyone's weight loss is different. It's easier for some than others. But I do think you're on the right track. Maybe you just need to cut out more calories or work out even more. Eating whole foods and more vegetables certainly wouldn't hurt. Just be persistent, you'll see results!

Thanks for the comment!

- Tracy