Monday, June 1, 2009

June - The Month of Dairy

For some reason, the dairy and meat industry like to dedicate whole months to their food. May was the month of beef. Now this month is the month of dairy. I thought I'd dedicate a post to dairy alternatives, in revolt of dairy month.

There's a lot of great bloggers out there that post ice cream recipes and mac n cheese recipes and various dairy alternative recipes, for vegans. Give some of them a try this month.

There's a vegan blog completely dedicate to vegan ice cream, called A Vegan Ice Cream Paradise. Although, I try not eat ice cream, this blog has a lot of amazing sorbet recipes, too. There's also reviews of the millions of vegan ice cream cookbooks.

One of my favorite mac n cheeses is a recipe I got from Get Sconed!. I up the spices a lot to give it a kick. To make it regiment approved, I use chickpea flour to thicken the cheese sauce. There's no weird beany flavor, it's perfect. For bread crumbs, I toast and grind ezekiel bread in a coffee grinder. It works. Give it try this month!

Vegan Dad has the best gyro recipe. I make it all time. The amazing part is the vegan tatziki sauce. Made with silken tofu and absolutely delicious. No need for heavy cream here. This sandwich though, it literally tastes like a sausage. Must be the seasoning. But it's soooo good!

I don't mean to toot my own horn here, but this creamy creole is delicious. It's mostly soy milk and earth balance and it tastes great. Give this a try. This is the healthiest "cream" sauce you're going to get.

These are just a few I could think of off the top of my head. If you know of any other great recipes, please let me know. And even if you're vegetarian, maybe this is a good month to make that final leap into an amazingly healthier, 100% cruelty free live style.

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